Uitelkaar.nl presents the ‘Online Scheidingsloket’ (Online Divorce Desk)

The ‘Online Scheidingsloket’ (Online Divorce Desk) is Uitelkaar.nl’s innovative answer to the social issue to make the law more accessible, transparent and user-friendly for the average person. The Ministry of Justice and Security created a challenge for this within the ‘Startup in Residence’ program. The assignment was for a start up company to create a prototype of a feasible solution. On July 18 th 2019 Uitelkaar.nl demonstrated how the Online Scheidingsloket’ provides everyone with questions about their relationship or divorce with suitable tips, advice and references to the correct, local assistance. The tool is free, anonymous, reliable, easy to use, and has the potential to become a guide for other (legal) problems in the future.


Welcome to the 21 st Century: Legal Aid updated

To help with the current pressure on the legal system and to update the legal aid system as well, the government wants to develop a system where a person such as yourself can find your own way to sustainable and qualitative solutions, helped by the right professionals where necessary. That way the government also hopes to reduce the number of unnecessary procedures. At the moment the government is investigating and starting up pilots. They have made 10 million available to support stakeholders with innovative initiatives in this field. To provide these solutions, the problem of the individual must be at the centre of legal aid. One of the ways to do this is to better coach the individual in the search for the best route to solve their problem(s). What the government needs to provide is clear information on, and advice in the approach to the many common (legal) worries and problems. This signage should help you find the help you need. It can mean legal help, but also help at a local organisation such as a social team in your neighbourhood. Of course, developments of this nature and at this scale take a lot of time, but Uitelkaar.nl willingly takes up a leading role in this. The ‘Online Scheidingsloket’ is a next step in the direction of modernising legal aid befitting the 21 st century.


The ‘Online Scheidingsloket’: Precursor to modernising

The ‘Online Scheidingsloket’ already shows that there’s a way of legal aid where it is possible to take matters into your own hands. Through our platform you can get started with your divorce on your own. By doing as much as possible yourself, it will cost less and you will have control of your own time and energy. Less fuss, no difficult language and no frustration – befitting the 21 st century. Uitelkaar.nl takes the next step into modernising the system with the ‘Online Scheidingsloket’. We develop signage of legal, but also social help with divorce, where the problem of a client is placed centre stage. Meaning you are placed centre stage. Our goal is that the government will implement the ‘Online Scheidingsloket’, and that it will become available to everyone for free. The ‘Online Scheidingsloket’ can fulfil the role of starting point for every divorce. It seems very feasible to us that these kinds of tools can be made for many other (legal) problems like fights with the neighbours, termination or debt, so help and advice becomes accessible to everyone. The ministry pursues this goal as well.


How does the ‘Online Scheidingsloket’ work?

On the basis of 10 questions you, as a user, will receive personal library information and tips that fit into your personal situation. This information can be saved so you can read it again at a later time. Additionally, the tool gives advice on the best solution for your problem in your relationship or divorce. On the basis of your postal code, the tool will refer you to help in your area that can provide the correct legal resolution for your divorce. Furthermore, you receive extra help lines for the social aspect of a divorce, like guidance for the children or the development of a healthy financial future. At the end of the 10 steps you will have a handle on your personal situation and you will know which next steps to take for your new future.


Curious about the future?

Curious about the future? On Thursday, July 18 th 2019, between 14 and 16h Uitelkaar.nl demonstrated the prototype of the ‘Online Scheidingsloket’ at the ‘Paard’ in the Hague. You can find more information on the event on the website of Startup in Residence. The prototype of the ‘Online Scheidingsloket’ is also available to try out now on www.onlinescheidingsloket.nl . Are you going to help develop the future of legal aid? Try out the ‘Online Scheidingsloket’ and let us know what you think!