24 hours full of innovative legal solutions: from missing packages to complicated divorces

Justice42 stands for innovative legal solutions. As such, on the 4th and 5th of April we will join the 24 hour innovation challenge from insurer DAS. What is that? Good question! This event is all about the development of an online tool for dispute resolution. Think about problems that, for instance, involve landlords, the gym or a webshop that did not deliver a package correctly. A max of 150 3 rd and 4 th years’ students from colleges and universities all over the country participate in teams with the purpose of presenting an innovative and viable solution to the judges within one day. What is Justice42’s role in this? You will read it in this article.

Because Uitelkaar.nl is the leading innovative online tool for divorces in the Netherlands, it is only natural that we want to stimulate students to participate in the future of cutting edge legal solutions. We, as a social enterprise, believe that the legal system could be more user-friendly with the use of online tools. All the more reason to contribute to this advanced initiative by DAS. During the hackathon, students can choose for which legal problem they want to develop a solution.

During the 24 hours they are also able to take a crack at the following challenge from Justice42: how can we make divorce less complicated? The solution to this question must be pitched to a professional panel of judges of which our co-founder, Kaspar Scheltema, is a part. The winning team receives a prize, but the goal is also to actually develop the pitched idea after the challenge.

We are very excited about this groundbreaking initiative from DAS and wish all the participating students a lot of luck!